A DIY Guide to a Complete Septic Field Install – Melrose Painting

These tips will guide you through the process of in the installation of your septic tank.

1. Then mark where you want your septic system to be situated. The architect must have the area clearly marked on their plans.

2. Dig up the space that the septic field is to be put in. It is recommended to dig at least 6 feet deep, although many designs call for 10 feet.

3. Your tank, pipe fittings and pipes must be organized. Plans drawn by professionals should clearly show the location of these structures. It is important to make sure the structures have been erected in the right level.

4. Place drainage gravel wherever it is needed. Most field designs don’t need gravel to be covered throughout the field. Be sure to mix the gravel in a thorough manner and ensure it’s properly dimensioned.

5. The tank as well as the pipes need to be put in place. Connect the fixtures to your house’s plumbing. h424qiquma.

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