What Goes Into Making Granite Headstones – Best Online Magazine

Most people, however, are not all that sure about the process of making these. First, clean any stone that has been cut. After that, the artist will apply the stencil that is going to be added in order to form designs for the stone. Once the stencil has been applied The panels are then cut out of the stencil to allow for precise carving of the design.

The areas in which names and words will be added or photographs are included in the cut-outs are given a frost or light blasting. A sealer then is applied onto the areas that have been sandblasted to protect the stone before the adhesive cut-out panels are put back into the pattern. Further designs are etched from stones and then the design to create the letter is then added. Sandblasting again is used for helping to etch the letters along with any additional details added on the stone. Once the lettering has been done, fine detail is put on top to create a finished stone. The stone then gets washed to clean off any dust. It is then ready to be placed on the grave. 599bcg41sd.

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