How to Build a Home Golf Simulator – DIY Projects for Home

You don’t have to head out to a golf club, should you not be able to.

There are some essential items that you must have to create your personal golf simulator. Rick Shiels has made his own home golf simulator in the garage of his home with only a couple things that make him feel like he’s actually in the course.

The screen you require must be that is large enough for the golf club to be hit on and not damage. Additionally, you’ll need a projection device to show the golf game that you would like to play on the screen.

Rick has added a mat to the the top of his astro turf and believes it is a great alternative. Astroturf can be placed in your golf course to make it feel more like a golf club. It will make it feel more like you are playing on the course, or playing at the practice range.

Buy a simulator game like Foresight Sports, or any other game you like and connect it up to an GC Quad launch monitor, so that the game can work to the best it could.

Most important things you’ll need are golf clubs and golf balls. You can arrange them however you’d like, and then begin to play! An average 18-hole course covers between 125 and 150 acres. With the help of a simulator at home, you won’t have to go that far.


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