Olets 101 What Do They Do? – The Movers in Houston

Every olet has a crucial contribution to the engineering and mechanical industries regardless of whether weldolets or Sockolets. Olets are primarily used as branches for projects that involve industrial piping. While any pipe installation job has its own challenges, it can still be completed efficiently and accurately by using the appropriate tools. Particularly for branch connections there are a variety of olets for different jobs. This video gives us the overview of what each tool can be utilized for.

The most popular branch connections are weldolets, sockolets, thredolets, elbolets, and the nipolets. The weldolet has an 90-degree branch connection and is available in both full and smaller sizes. Additionally, the sockolet comes with a 90-degree branch connection. This type of connection is suitable for socket welding. The thredolet is very similar, except for differing in the end connection that is ideal for threaded joints. Nipolets are simply a weldolet with extended pipe bodies. It can be utilized for butt welding as well as socket welding or threaded joints. Latrolets are utilized for any pipe with an angle of not more or less that 90°.


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