What the Old-Timey Movies Didnt Tell You About Chimney Sweeps – Strong Scene Contest

Oppins, the job of the chimney sweeper has been extensively romanticized. When we hear “chimney”, our first thought is of chimney sweeps singing and dancing. However, are chimney cleaners still around? Why does their work seem so charming and prevalent on TV, but not so much on the ground? This video will help us learn what the movie has done wrong with chimney sweeps, and the way they were treated in olden times.

In reality, television has made the work of a chimney sweep appear far more pleasant than it was actually. Chimney sweeps are often placed in very dangerous and shady working conditions and often had brutal and hostile managers. Chimney sweeps were very often under the age of 12, and were ruled over by an “master sweep” who would use cruel and reckless methods for getting the young men to work as fast as he would like. Children may develop lung conditions or even fall off the chimney in the course of these duties. This historical accuracy is often not considered in the films of the past you see on TV.


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