Is Roofing Dangerous? – Boston Equator

homes in the United States. That means there are millions of roofs which might require repair in the future. It is a large industry. How risky is it being a roofer? Many of us trust certified roofers for the job. This video gives you an insight into how hazardous it can be to live on high in the sky.

The very first thing that shows into the footage is the steepness of certain roofs. Roofs with steep incline is shown within one of the video clips. You can see, this is a dangerous roof for you to be working on. It is possible to lose your balance, and then roll to the other side. The good news is that these experts are able to come up with strategies for dealing this type of roof. They may also use ladders to access the roof. In addition, they may use harnesses to keep from falling too far. Special shoes are available for roofers , which provide more grip and traction. While roofing is dangerous for the average person but roofers are professionals who have the right training.


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