Troubleshooting Golf Cart Repairs – Fast Car Video Clips

in the event of problems that affect the golf cart such as the cart not getting started, or stabbing and not moving, the video provides tips for fixing the problem with your golf cart.

How to proceed if the golf cart does not start:
1. Take a look around and see what is missing, specifically the wiring.
2. You should ensure that you have strong connections between the positive and negative wires.
3. You must check the ground wire. Change the ignition towards “on” and gently twist your ground cable. If the car begins to start, there is a problem with the ground wire not creating a connection to the starter.

Instructions for carrying out repairs to your golf cart:
1. Unscrew bolt attached to ground wire.
b. Remove the electrical tape.
C. Use a knife that is sharp and cut off the covering of the ground cable to expose more wire.
D. Find a brand new connector and then attach it to wires exposed.
Connect the ground wire to the earth . Then tighten the bolt.
f. The golf cart needs to get started.
It is a very common issue with golf carts. If you encounter this, make sure to test for the grounded wire.

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