Plumbers Keep Making These Mistakes – Source and Resource

In order to avoid major problems, pay close attention to the smallest things. This video will show you how to prevent common plumbing errors.

Installation of Teflon tape in the wrong manner is the initial mistake. Most people place Teflon tape in an incorrect method. They think there is no issue with what the placement is. It is actually one of the areas in which care must be taken to the smallest of details. Applying the Teflon tape counterclockwise could cause it to break with time. The tape will loosen and loosen the fitting and cause leaks later on. This is why it’s important to make sure to install Teflon tape clockwise.

It is also the second most common mistake in plumbing. Another example of how much care and detail must be taken is when tightening the fitting. Overtightening a fitting can lead to it breaking and cause major issues. In order to ensure that the fitting is securely tightened take a measurement of the lengths of the threads. The size of the threads will show you how far the fitting needs to be.


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