What Can Be Done For Flatfoot Reconstruction? – UNM Continuing Education


The pain in your legs can be an issue. There are options, in addition to surgery, that may help you feel better in all aspects of the flatness of your feet. One of the first and most effective method for treating flat feet is to purchase shoes with inserts. They can help make your feet more comfortable and also support your arch whilst wearing sneakers. This will reduce strain and enhance overall health.
A ankle brace is an alternative solution. One of the challenges which are associated with flat feet is the weak ankles. In this case, bracing the ankle is a great way to support your feet and help strengthen the back too. Reconstruction of the flatfoot is an option if all other options are exhausted. This is a procedure that moves to the heel bone. Additionally, it rebuilds the arch to ease pain and discomfort. You can also have a tendon transfer with the heel shifting to assist repair the tendon that did don’t work. It is possible to seek advice from the trusty surgeon or podiatrist to determine your options.

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