Want Healthy Teeth and Gums? Eat These Foods – American Dental Care

Too often, we forget to floss and brush our teeth regularly when we think about dental care. However, this is only half of the fight. It’s also crucial to be careful when we eat, and also the foods we avoid. In this clip you’ll learn about the food items a dentist for families recommends and what he doesn’t recommend.

You should consider adding Cod liver oil to your food regimen. Even though it might seem as a smart idea however, it can have many advantages for your teeth and gums. Oil from the cod liver packed with nutrients A, D, and F. The vitamins help protect against gum disease, aid in calcium transportation, and much more. Plus, Cod liver is surprisingly delicious. There’s no harm in giving you a taste. Similarly, butter is an excellent food to keep your teeth too. It is however important to limit your consumption of it because it’s also rich in fat and sugar. Sugars are something that you must avoid. Acid-producing bacteria loves sugar. Cavities result from the acid.


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