The Various Stages of the Process of Getting Dentures – EDUCATION WEBSITE

There are several options, but the most common two being implant dentures or detachable. The removable dentures are more popular and need to be removed prior to getting into bed. To determine the right type of denturesto wear, the dentist will perform an exhaustive examination of every patient’s teeth to determine their condition and dental health. The dentist examines the patient for signs of decay or disease to be sure the dentures will fit correctly.
After the exam The dentist will then take measurements as well as a drawing of the tooth to confirm that the dental dentures match exactly with natural teeth. The dental lab will then design dentures to your specifications when they have the results. Once the dentures have been created then they’ll send the patient for a fitting to make sure that they are fitted properly. They will also ensure that the dentures are comfortably worn. During this session, they are able to make any adjustments to the dentures. The process may require some time getting familiar with, but eventually the dentures will be the same as comfy and reliable like real teeth.

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