What Not to Do When the Government Tries to Take Your Land – American Personal Rights

When you’re involved, be cautious about your decisions. These cases are serious and particularly difficult to win since they have made it as straightforward to them as they can. As long as they establish that the land benefits the public, and so it is paid to the owners the value of the land worth, they may take this land by statute. This video will teach you how to proceed if your case is against the eminent domain.

First, don’t enter into a right of entrance agreement with the department of transportation. The DOT may enter your property without needing any papers. Be sure to not challenge a tax appraisal. It is possible to argue that the property you have isn’t as valuable than what was originally given to it. Be sure to not speak with an agent for right of way. The agent can make detailed notes against you. In the same way, don’t talk with an appraiser from the DOT about your property. Don’t place your property on the market while it’s waiting for condemnation. The property will become difficult to get your home sold at a the market value. zgzg6y5xu8.

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