How to Change Your ARK Server Map – How I Met Your Motherboard

islands ARK maps, however players are also able to use either paid or free DLC maps as well as custom maps and expansion packs which can be included via server mods. Every map that can be used by gamers is different and can include new creatures or areas. This is the way ARK players can switch to ARK dedicated servers shifting maps.

According to the narrator in this video, the first next step is to make sure they’ve signed in to the control panel of Shockbyte and shut down the server. Go to the link marked “server” and then choose “files”. In the next step you can select “config files” from the sidebar. Players should be able to see the list of configuration files that they may modify. It is the next step to choose “Ark Server Settings” which is followed by “Server Map”.

The drop-down menu is now showing several DLC maps, as well as expansion packs. Players can’t download expansion packs unless they have Ark server maps that are modified to match. Finally, players should select ‘Save’, which starts the new ARK server maps downloading.


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