Tips for Teaching Dental Hygiene to Kids – Dental Hygiene Association

In the afternoon, make sure your child wash their teeth with toothpaste. A schedule can help your child understand what to be expecting each day, and it makes it easy for them to keep it up.

Keep in mind that kids may not be aware of the importance of dental hygiene however you can be sure that they are following through by making sure to thank them for every moment they wash their teeth. They will generally be influenced by your actions, and so brushing your teeth each once a night is an excellent practice to begin. Make it fun for your children to practice good hygiene habits and find the best practice for them.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Learning to teach children how to brush their teeth is feasible with the help of positive reinforcement. It’s a fantastic method to learn new skills, especially if they are fun and interesting. It is possible to use a chart to track the times that your child has brushed his or her teeth every day. If the frequency is only one time per day, you should reward that by giving your child something extra for brushing their mouths, such for a unique treat or an extra game of whatever they want to do with you. You can also provide your child with a different sticker when they clean their teeth more often than once a day.

Children are taught to take care of their teeth using positive reinforcement. Though it can be to be difficult at first, children are soon to understand the significance to use mouthwash and toothpaste.

It’s better than reprimanding or blame the child for bad brushing habits. This could cause discontent, anger, and confusion within families of children regarding their behavior. The result is demotivation towards future work at home for example, cleaning the room or completing homework with no reminders or instructions on how to complete the task. Positive reinforcement is vital. It helps you, the parent or guardian become a part of what they do prior to them asking. The child will be more likely to do the same thing if they are praised in the event that it’s done properly.

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