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Each year, you must add each expense to calculate your home’s average annual upkeep costs.
The cost of Plumbing and Drain Repair

It is possible to contact the local plumber to get cost estimates on drain cleaning services or to get a price quote for fixing a clogged drain. A blocked drain is one of the most frequent plumbing issues and are caused by everything from hair to grease accumulation.

If you’ve got a slow-draining faucet, it might require cleaning by using a plunger or drain cleaner. This is generally a quick and cheap task you are able to do yourself. However, if your issue persists, you could need to contact an expert.

Repair costs for drains will be different according to the extent of the blockage. An easy clog that could be cleared using the plunger could cost between $50-$100. The more difficult clog which will require a drain pipe could cost between $100 and $200. A clogged main sewer line could cost upwards of $1,000 to remove. Calling your plumber is the most effective way to determine the amount plumbing repairs costs per year.

Costs for HVAC Repair and Maintenance

When summer is in full swing and winter, it is worth contact your local HVAC business for a tune-up. This will help you avoid major issues and costly repairs later on. An HVAC tune-up typically costs between $100-$200.

If your furnace or air conditioner require repair The average price is approximately $300. But based on the degree of the repair, it could cost much more. For a furnace repair, it could cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

To prevent major issues, it is best to do your part and make sure that your HVAC system is regularly maintained. You can also create a home maintenance budget for HVAC repair by putting aside the equivalent of a couple hundred dollars every year.

The cost of roof repair

It’s one of the biggest expenses in your home to repair, and is also difficult to replace. A typical yearly maintenance costs for your roof will vary based on


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