How to Encourage Someone to Exercise – Exercise Tips For Women


Use fitness trackers as a starting point to help them on their journey. They can help locate an app to encourage them to exercise during their lunch break. Another option is to get an app to keep their progress and provide regular messages of encouragement.

7. Pick the appropriate strategy for your communication

It is possible to possess the greatest intentions to motivate someone to exercise yet make a mistake with regards to communicating. One can become too nice or say things in a wrong method. It’s essential for you to successfully use words to inspire someone to work out.

A study released in the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology studied two female groups. It emphasized the importance of strength and wellbeing, while another one focused on beauty. Strength and health reinforcement groups said they felt more confident about their bodies than the ones who focused on the appearance. It is important to focus more on strength, function, and health than appearance.

8. Learn What You Teach

The risk is that you make a mistake in encouraging someone else to exercise. There are indicators that you can be healthy, for example, a healthy BMI. If you suggest someone train but they don’t, they may be discouraged or even feel hypocritical.

Make yourself a role model by working out regularly, without making excuses. Let the person you’re encouraged to witness you work hard. The best thing about being able to create your own exercise routine is that you don’t need to inform anybody. Just follow it. Be proud of your issues, however, take no excuses.

9. Continue to Encourage and Help Them

Ronald Riggio, Psychology Today claims that positive reinforcement can be one of the top motivational tools. Send the person you’re encouraging an encouraging note or a printed T-shirt or some gym cred


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