Understanding Direct Cloud Connectivity – PhotoSci

A method of this kind is to establish direct cloud connectivity, allowing any data or files to be saved to the cloud storage to be recovered should harm to the first hard drive. The process is a good way to help you to determine if it is the right method of protecting your data.

It is important to ensure that 802.1Q support for encapsulation is present on all equipment. Direct Connect only works with 802.1Q and the other equipment will not yield the desired results.

Next is choosing the form that you want your connection to be made. The first option is to select to have a dedicated co-located connection in a direct link location. Speaking with direct connect partner around your local area will aid you in finding the option most suitable for your needs. The next step is engage with a direct connectivity partner. The process involves procuring the required device from the partner and then connecting the equipment to it. The direct connect node is your final.

For more information about direct cloud connectivity, go through the video.


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