Understanding Implicit Bias Training Solutions – How Old Is the Internet

The world around us. There are many companies that attempt to educate the biases of their employees but are unsure of how to measure what they’ve achieved. The understanding of implicit bias formation is essential to knowing how to teach it.

Human brains absorb numerous different kinds of information during the course of our day. It could be from people whom we interact with in person in person, via the internet, or on television or even from the news. Brains create shortcuts to aid in making information easy to access when faced with new stimuli. Unconscious biases concerning certain people refer to stereotypes. While it’s not always easy to determine when or how these stereotypes have been come into existence, knowing how to look past these assumptions and broaden your perspective on the people you meet is crucial to the advancement of ourselves. If we are unable to be blinded by this first conviction, the better we are with others and how we see others.

For further information regarding ways to reduce impact bias in training, please review the attached video.


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