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Dled protections to repair small electronic equipment and devices and other devices, however neither bill was approved during the 117th Congress, as a result, they will need to be revived during the 118th, as all legislation that is still in the process on the 3rd of January when Congress begins its inauguration are passed and will need to be revived. Nearly half of U.S. States are considering the right to repair laws in 2023, which is likely to continue to increase.
Branch Actions of the Executive Branch Decisions

In the summer of 2021, in July 2021, President Biden signed an executive decree that encouraged rule-making at the Federal Trade Commission to crack the manufacturer-imposed restrictions on user and third-party repairs. The FTC declared that it would soon do this shortly afterward. The FTC also has devoted greater resources in fighting illegal limitations on repairs during the presidency of President Biden as it had in the past four years, following in the footsteps of President Biden’s vows to increase the rights of customers and other citizens during his Administration.

New York Right to Repair Law Implemented in 2022

New York Governor Kathy Hochul who was elected in 2022 signed the bill that allows repair of electronics. This was the first state to recognize that electronics used by individuals like iPhones and laptops are subject to the same rights that are granted to farm machinery. reported that the bill contains significant provisions for manufacturers.

The bill’s language is said as a way to lower dangers of security-related issues as well as physical harm, however, certain of the carve-outs can be used on devices made from July 1 to 2023. The bill doesn’t require producers to issue security unlocking codes or decline the shipment of components that increase the chance of injury. Advocates say that the bill is not an obligation to repair however it is a stipulation that ensures that the industry is protected while putting the consumer at risk. The right-to-repair organizations advocate that the bill’s effectiveness is not worth it.


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