What You Need to Know Before Starting Invisalign Treatment – Clear Aligners For Teens


This will provide you with a better understanding of Invisalign.

The aligners of Invisalign can be custom made to fit the specific teeth of the patient. The aligners appear almost undetectable and are a great option for adults as well as teens to straighten their teeth without the traditional braces made of metal. They are removable that means that you are able to remove them to eat or brush your teeth.

The first step to Invisalign treatment is to have a consult with an orthodontist. They’ll examine the teeth of your patients and decide if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. In order to determine whether Invisalign is right for you the orthodontist creates an individual treatment plan after taking a digital 3D image of your entire smile. This image will illustrate how your teeth are likely to move during treatment and what the appearance of your smile following treatment.

When your treatment program has been developed, your dentist may design custom aligners can be worn. To accelerate the healing process and help in the recovery process, each aligner should wear for 2 weeks.

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