What is Watershed Management Planning? – Blog Author


A watershed is a piece of terrain that drains into an large body of water that is open to the elements. It is in Pinellas County every drop of water ultimately will end up in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Plans for water management like that described in the above video take several years to develop and require the involvement of local stakeholders like local municipal authorities. This water management plan evaluates all aspects of the watershed and views it in the same way as a whole.

The typical watershed management plan includes four components that include floodplain analysis as well as watershed assessment, as well assessment of surface water resources and improvements alternatives.

A watershed analysis involves collecting data and creating a model that represents its key characteristics and its infrastructure. Floodplain analysis is a study of the various options for drainage. Surface water assessments look at the health of drinking water and surface water while monitoring for pollutants. An improvement option looks at strategies to lessen risk of flooding and also to improve the health of the watershed.

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