What Licenses Do You Need to Be a Financial Advisor? –

To obtain your FINRA licensing for investment banking, you must pass both the Series 7 and Series 66 examinations. This is the easiest way ever to clear an exam. Series 7 exam. The SIE test allows candidates to take the exam without a sponsor. The Series 7 exam required that you work for an institution that can sponsor the test. This created a Catch 22.

This Series 7 is now complete. In the next stage, you’ll require Series 66. Series 66. This has the lowest failure rate than Series 7. The Series 66 is a bit smaller than Series 7, and it’s more simple. Due to this, students are less likely to devote as much time studying and ultimately fail. Be productive when studying for every exam.

Depending on the state or organization you’re employed through, you must investigate the various permits that you could require. Each state will vary on the types of licenses needed. Depending on the company, you may also have different duties that will need different permits. oqoxo33mkm.

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