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The group claimed that the majority are innocent but they cannot afford bail and are thus imprisoned. According to a YouTube video, titled “Who makes money from Bail,” different speakers explain how and why this happens and also the process of navigating complex Bail Services while awaiting trial.

Robin Steinberg is the founder and chief executive officer of The Bail Project. He explains how cash bail affects the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. If you are unable to pay for cash bail, which can be relatively expensive, the victims decide to use bail bonds. Bail bonds offer a an opportunity to get out. In the words of Michelle Esquenazi, CEO of Empire Bonding and Insurance, bonds agents rely on their close and direct family members in co-signing a bond contract as well as other conditions and conditions to provide bail. This can be a tiring and costly process.

Experts in law from different American states have accused bail bond firms of’ illegal blackmailing. Although bail bond companies are susceptible to losses, it’s not an opportunity for them to take advantage of people who are victims. nrc5fkdjye.

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