What Questions to Ask a Damage Cleanup Contractor – UNM Continuing Education

L over. It is important to know that storms can cause damage and cleanup is required. Learn what you have to be aware of about cleanup after damage.
Understanding Storm Damage Scammers

The authorities are conscious of the large amount of work they do every storm. There are many from the state who are taking advantage of this circumstance. There is a chance that they can find victims in the cleanup of damage by simply looking at storms. Also, they follow the wind as they move along the paths of destruction.

What kind of damage Are Scammers Are Trying to Avoid?

Normally, a damage cleanup scammer will search at roof damages, since roofing is the main complains that police receive. This could be windows or sidings however roofing is usually the target.

What can you do to tell if someone is a fraudster?

This is the sign of danger people need to be aware of. Beware of individuals who try to contact the person you are with or that are offering door-to-door services. It’s a warning sign that scammers are appearing at your residence without having a business address or contact number.


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