What is the Better Investment? Asphalt Shingles or Metal Roofing – Investment Video

Are you investing in the right way for your family and home? In this short video you’ll see what the differences are between traditional asphalt roofing and metal roofing.

a roofing company will tell you that one of the main distinctions between shingles and metal roofing is their durability. Shingles tend to be fragile and may easily be blown off by strong winds. But, metal roofing is made by a huge sheet of steel. It is not possible for wind to cause injury due to this. The wind would have to be powerful enough to move the entire roof. Metal roofs’ strength allows them to endure extreme weather conditions and hurricanes. Metal roofing is stronger in comparison to shingles due to their toughness. In fact, they may be able to last 40 years more.

Metal roofing is undoubtedly more resilient than shingles. Yet, shingles hold the advantage in terms of pricing. They are typically half expensive as roofing made from metal. It is a great option for areas that don’t require permanent homes and are affordable for a fraction of cost.


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