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There’s nothing more exciting than being able to surf for the very first time or for the hundredth. If one doesn’t have appropriate surfing attire, the person is missing an important part of the experience. (Watch the clip below to learn more).

First, too much exposure to the sun can cause skin damages, which can lead to wrinkles, and possibly skin cancer. Second, surfing has become extremely popular, and it can be difficult to find a location in the water, which is why one needs equipment to stay comfortably warm and cozy to keep their focus on those waves. Here are some recommendations for clothing and accessories for surfing.

Make plans ahead If someone knows the time and which location they’ll surf then they must prepare their outfit for the occasion. Guard their skin from sunburns as well as chafing, by wearing either a rashguard, or a wetsuit. Use a dry-fit top under the wetsuit shirt for added warmth in cold weather. Shop online: Online stores generally have a greater selection than physical shops do They also tend to carry cheaper prices since they don’t cost. Call home for more information about the subject! kmq7hbe2ba.

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