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It is most likely especially for employees with children at home. According to BLS, in the United States, both parents are employed in around 60% of homes with kids.

The flexibility of working schedules which includes the option of working at home, is a requirement for those employees who have a lot of work to complete. Flexible working hours are an indication that you’re able to trust your employees and this leads to higher engagement.

Health Insurance

Based on a confidence report by Glassdoor 40% of employees who were interviewed would rather have healthcare insurance than pay increases. There are many reasons behind this that can be cited, but the main one is that healthcare is expensive. It is the only way to be able to afford healthcare for their family and for them is to use their insurance through the employer.

Insurance for health provided by employers is cheaper than private insurance for example, Cigna and CVS. The other reason that employees appreciate this benefit is the assurance that in case of any event, like an accident or illness, they as well as their loved ones are covered.

Also, you can reap a variety of benefits by providing to your workers health insurance. You can reduce absenteeism from illness by making sure that your employees undergo regular health checks. Furthermore, your employees feel grateful to you for the protection they receive as well as their families, and they’re more productive at the workplace.

Personal Development in-house

For your employees to grow within their profession and advance their careers, you could offer educational programs that promote professional growth within the company. How? This could take the form of apprenticeships or training in-house to allow employees in the junior ranks to learn from their superiors. In-house training is a common way for companies to develop future managers. A good example is Microsoft; rather than taking their CEO Satya Nadella, he grew inside Microsof


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