Understanding the Altera Board DE2-115 – A Tech Blog

art of the FPGA The word FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate array. FPGA devices can be programmed using specific functions that can be used to control the various computer systems. It can be as simple as creating an FPGA device that can regulate a computer system or designing embedded apps.

Altera’s DE2-115 extension board is able to connect to any computer. This board can simultaneously display several video streams. It’s a great option for devices that contain multiple sources of video. It also has a slot that can house a flash card that holds files and other data.

Furthermore, users use the altera board to carry out hardware and software applications by allowing the user to program the board with computers programming languages. FPGAs are able to significantly change our interaction with computers. It is a wonderful instance.

The Altera board helps control the computer system in the course of executing a task. Users can also make use of it to create applications that control the system of computers and video projection.


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